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Why You Should Choose Halong Overnight Cruises Instead Of Hotels

[:en]Halong Bay is undoubtedly the dreaming destination for both domestic and international tourists in Vietnam not only because of its peerless beauty but also many unique travel experiences. To plan a trip to Halong Bay, people tend to worry about their accommodation due to a wide range of choices. In Halong city, there are many hotels in all ranges thanks to the long-standing travel history of this city as a popular beach destination in the Northern of Vietnam. From budget hotels to deluxe and luxury hotels, Halong has almost everything for you to stay. Even some charming boutique hotels that are hard to be found in a big toursitic city are in the accommodation collection of Halong Bay. On the land, the best choice is the hotel in of the big name of famous hotel chain – Novotel Halong Hotel.

However, people say you don’t really “travel” to Halong Bay if you have not stay HaLong overnight cruises. Pampering in a morden and comfortable hotel could be a nice experience in any destination in the world, but only in Halong Bay, do you have a chance to enjoy a night on the water under the moonlight on the sea, and especially surrounded by thousands mysterious krasts.

Halong overnight cruises a special night on halong

Rather than a normal hotel in the city center, you should book an overnight Halong Bay Cruise package that includes many other interesting experiences on the bay, which you hardly plan by yourself. Halong Bay Cruises are also as various as hotels on land. They are catergoried by many crietia, by “stars” as hotels, by styles (charming cruise or mordern cruise, oriental and traditional cruises or fushion cruises), by sizes (few cabins or many cabins), by materials (wooden junks or metal ships), etc.

Most of them provide complete package tours, which are very convenient for you trip, include round transfer by bus from Hanoi, accommodations on cruise during two days or three days, meals, activities such as visting caves, floating villages, kayaking, etc. Price is various based on the standard of cruises and the service. But genalrally, a Halong Bay package tour is worth for such a unique travel to one of new seven natural wonders of the world. And also, it is even considered too cheap of a cruise experience that we normally think as a luxury experience.

sundeck starlight cruise halong cruises

Atmosphere on Halong Bay cruise is so unique that it is hardly seen on any cruise in the world. The cruises could not be the most professional or modern cruise you have ever taken, but it’s definitely the most unique one. Cruising on Halong Bay is different from cruising on rivers, you feel as if you were lost in a completely world, where enchanting krasts and islands surrounded you.

Halong Bay cruises offer both accommodation and travel experiences. It’s a true voyage that allows you to enjoy the whole beauty of the bay with completely twenty-four hours of a day, from the early morning until the midnight. If you stay on a hotel and book for a day tour to visit Halong Bay, you won’t have chance to see the shimmering water of Halong Bay in the moonlight or discover the hidden caves by self-kayaks. Thus, once you travel to Halong Bay, booking an overnight cruise is almost a must-do that I strongly recommend.[:]