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Joining a Halong Kayaking tour is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay. Paddling through islets to see the charming hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages will definitely touch your sense and emotion.   The water is calm and the wind is not too strong, kayaking activities allow you explore Halong Bay getting closer to island and truly beauty of Halong Bay.

On your own kayak, you are impressed by the exotic beauty of the bay when get close to the waters. There’s a completely different Halong Bay from the one you enjoy through your cabin’s window. It’s still majestic and spectacular but offers much more touching.

If the view to the bay from your cruise is elegant and poetic, from your kayak, it is so vast and splendid. Under the guidance of the Kalong kayaking leaders, you will have a chance to manage your kayak first time in your life, touch the cool water by your own hand, observe the high sky and the fresh atmosphere, kayaking further to some hidden caves, get closer to floating fishing villages, and maybe lucky to meet some shy monkeys and wild birds.

Kayaking at different time in a day brings different feelings and experiences, in the morning Halong kayaking tour offers fresh beauty of the sea and sky, and the sunset is the spectacular and romantic backdrop for Halong kayaking, while the night is amazing time for kayak with mysterious moonlights and magical flash bugs on the islands.

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