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Halong bay – one of top 10 most beautiful places in South East Asia

[:en]Halong bay, with its exceptional values and outstanding geographical position, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful places in South East Asia which is recognised by The USA Today on 9th November. The bay includes thousands of giant limestone karst with various sizes and shapes.

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Also in 2011, this magnificent Halong bay was declared as one of the “New Seven Natural Wonders of The World.” Such an honor!

Besides, Halong bay again was complimented by The Business Insider on 8th November as one of Vietnam’s most stunning attractions. The Business Insider even translated the legend of this magnificient landmark. “According to local legend, the bay’s islands were formed when a dragon charged from the mountains towards the coast. Its tail carved out valleys and crevasses until the dragon hit the water, flooding the area and leaving nothing but peaks visible”, they wrote. This page also described that Halong bay owns incredibly serene emerald waters that are home to multiple small limestone islands covered by green flora.

Halong bay now is a popular spot for cruising and cave exploring and no trip to Vietnam would be complete without seeing it, Business Insider commented.

Together with Halong bay, Hanoi and Hoi An also appear in the top 10 list of beautiful places in South East Asia.  The USA Today said that “Although Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is noisy, crowded, busy and motorbike-clogged but still the city has its own charm. Visitors may see locals taking tai-chi lessons in beautiful parks or street vendors carrying fresh fruits and flowers in their baskets”. The best place to experience Hanoi is the Old Quarter with a maze of streets and ancient buildings. In contrast, Hoi An is famous for the tranquility and timelessness that attracts visitors from all over the world. Hoi An is “a charming little town is packed with picturesque wooden houses, pagodas, street-side cafes and hundreds of tailor shops”, according to the USA Today.