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Ti Top Island history

[:en]Ti Top island was named after Ghermann Titov, a Soviet Union hero has interesting history and convenient location. Located in the heart of Halong bay, which is only 8 km from the Southeast of Bai Chay harbor, this lovely island had the honour of receiving a visit from astronaut Ghermann Titov, accompanied by President Ho Chi Minh in 1962. To memorize their trip, Uncle Ho named this place as Ti Top island. Thirty-five years afterwards, Titov returned to the island having his name, with deeply moved, he wrote in the souvenir book of the Management Board of Halong bay that “”My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island”.

Nowadays, Ti Top island becomes an attractive beach for tourists and has adequate services. Different from other popular tourist sites in Halong bay, Ti Top island not only possess breath taking romantic landscapes, but also has a heavenly beautiful beach called Ti Top which is perfect for any beach activity. The beach is described as the crescent moon encompassing the island. Although it’s small if compared to other beaches in Halong bay, Ti Top has it’s own strengths. With pristine white sand, clear and blue water, small waves, fresh atmosphere that create great space for tourists to relax. The beach also is an ideal destination to cool off when the heat starts to get to you with many beach activities like swimming, kayaking and other sea sports. Thanks to its beautiful landscapes, Ti Top draws a huge number of visitors during summer time. In attempt to provide high quality of service for tourists in Ti Top island, there have been numerous restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, life bouy renting, skydiving, or kayak facilities built recently. Let’s travel with Starlight Cruise and enjoy wonderful moments at Ti Top island as well as in Halong bay now. You can have a look at the itinerary here.

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