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5 must-have qualities of a cruise employee

[:en]In fact, not everyone can work on a cruise because this job requires many necessary skills in order to perform best services for passengers on board. If you’re intend to apply a job on a luxury cruise, let’s look at the features below and see whether you have it or not:

First, you have to be polite and friendly

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It’s the priority condition for service industry. For example, as a waiter or waitress, you would be responsible for providing guests drinks or foods and play an important role to the feelings of the guests toward the cruise’s services. In this role you need to be polite and friendly. You will use your customer service skills to make sure that your passengers have an enjoyable stay. As well as other crews on board, they also need to always polite and smile.

Second, you need patience, alot of patience

friendliness and professional of staffs in halong cruises

Working on board over the sea is even difficult than working on mainland due to the higher expectations of passengers on board. Therefore, sometimes, customers will have a lot of concerns, questions and requirements to the service staffs, who will take care of them till the first steps on board. As a professional staff in a professional environment, you have to handle well all of guests’ requests. Your patience will be needed in difficult situations, you still smile a wide smile and be polite as much as you can! The rewards for your patience sometimes it’s some sweet words or compliments for individual person on social networks.

Third, good foreign languages and communication skills


In cruise, most time you communicate with passengers rather than talking with your colleagues. Most of customers are foreigners who use English or French, which are foreign languages to Vietnamese. So you need to be fluent in English or French to understand well the guests.

Fourth, be knowledgeable

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The knowledgeable staffs will be highly appreciated. No words can describe how it’s exciting when even the bartender knowing how to do magic like a real magician, or the waiter knows how to play a Vietnamese traditional instruments so well. And they can present the meaning of every single dish or drink. How incredible!

Finally, good swimming is a must

Of course it’s a must conditions for the staff working on board on Halong Bay. Good swimming is one of our requirements for staff when hiring. In case of emergency issues or safety cases, a good swimmer is very helpful to assist solving problems faster. Knowing swim skillfully is very important for those who work on the sea all most time.[:]